Bundle download problems


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My HDR-T2 is not (and cannot be) connected to the internet, but I've successfully offline-installed - and then upgraded - to the custom firmware and then assorted bundles from the URL http://www.hummypkg.org.uk/packages.html

However, current attempts to download anything - the webif 0.9.12-7 bundle for example - result in zero length file. I've tried this from different internet connections on different machines with a variety of browsers (including mobile phones) all with the same result.

Can anyone suggest why this might be the case, and a fix if possible?

I have just tried to download the webif 0.9.12-7 bundle e.g. the .OPB and as you say it is zero lenght, however the non bundle webif 0.9.12-7 the .OPK did download. I guess this is something that af123 can put right, but if you are in a hurry you could download the relavant .OPKs from your link above or HERE