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Buying a NAS - any advice for use with Humax and recommendations?



I'm bumping an old thread but for a reason.

I've mimicked a NAS drive by attaching a usb drive to a bt homehub. I am planning to buy a NAS soon but wanted to play with the Humax interface. My usb drive has files copied off a Humax using the remote control so I know that all files have been copied and decrypted.

When I connect to the usb drive using the Network option on the menu (so done via the remote control), it shows me the TS files. When I play those TS files on my Humax I don't seem to be able to rewind or fast forward.

Is this what you'd expect?

If it is, how do you play files that you've put on your NAS? Do you just not need rewind/fast forward or perhaps you play using VLC?


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The Network option uses the (naff) DLNA functionality, with the limitations you've discovered.
Does your 'NAS' support SMB or NFS?


What I have done is to use the auto decrypt and ftp on the humax, and then use the backup station of qnap to copy the files over my lan. I use the backupstation filters, to remove all the none playable files, and to copy over files that are not already on the NAS or files that have changed.

Then I watch them on my plex server. I bet there are better ways, but thats the best I could do.


Yeah I thought it would. I have Nas boxes from 10 years ago that support them.
Its good to have confirmation.