C4 HD - WatchMan -dodgy sound ?


We recorded the watchman on C4 HD. Part way through the sound went... Sounds like there down a tunnel, but the background noise, explosions, etc all sound fine... it's just the voices.

Any one else noticed this ?

I've not tried ripping it from the hummy and playing it back on a PC yet.. may try that tonight.
You are not alone.

I recorded Camelot C4HD on Saturday night, the sound was ok for 45 minutes, but same as you the voices dropped out for the last 15 minutes. Had to resort to sub-titles. I get my signal from Crystal Palace and sometimes get picture breakup, but don't think it is related since the picture was fine.
:) not just me.. I feel better now, although not as special :confused:
Are you using the hacked firmware ?
That's good, as I use the hacked version..
I'm going to rip it to my PC and see if that makes any difference..
Did this occur just after an advert break by any chance? as the adverts are not broadcast with 5.1 ch audio, and there have been quite a few reported cases of sound problems after ad breaks with the general opinion being that someone has forgotten to turn the 5.1 ch audio back on.
Yep.. about 45mins in, straight after the advert..
Anyway to get the sound on this ?? or is it lost ?
I've had this myself in the past, and sometimes it gets corrected at the next adverts, and sometimes doesn't.:rolleyes:
I don't think there is anything that you can do with it, How good are your lip reading skills?:)
So it's C4HD to blame ?? would I have lost sound on a live broadcast ?

I've tried playing it back on my laptop (linux) and only get the audio description, nothing else.
Def Ch4 at fault and would happen if recorded or live. Hopefully they will improve in the future (don't hold your breath though)