Can 1800t/2000t be used to get recordings via DLNA?


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I'm considering a purchase of one of these to replace an existing Vestel unit that is starting to show it's age. One of the reasons for moving to Humax would be the ease of getting recordings off the device, as there's no option to do that in their system at all.

I notice with interest that there's an option on the Wiki that uses DLNA as a quick and easy option on the FOXes (I'd post the link but my permissions are insufficient), but there doesn't seem to be anything to say it works on the newer boxes. I know there's always the FOXY/FTP approach, but I wondered if the easier method (for my use case) worked too for the SD videos at least?
Thanks, if I had to use USB/FTP it wouldn't be a deal breaker, but knowing that I can just plug this into my LAN and use it directly is a real plus point. I've read around on this site and I can see a solution that would work perfectly for me, so that's great news.

Just to add, on my Windows 8 system UPnP inspector doesn't work, but VLC does perfectly, so I can save the transport streams directly.
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