can any one help me with my HDR-FOX T2 please


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Hi all

First well done to those who have done all this great work to improve the Humax

I have a problem

How do I get to the enhanced TV portal?
I have loaded the firmware
Custom firmware version: 1.14
and when I put the Humax I.P in to a brouser I see
Web interface version: 0.8.4-1

so thats working fine

but when I try to load the TV Portal I only see what I had before (ver 2.16) no extras

I have cold rebooted the humax and can decryipt BBC HD files and play them on my laptop so it is working for that

Any help from others here would be really nice cos I would Like access to Sky tv on the Humax
( I do have a Sky account)
Have you added the custom portal package?
If so, reboot the box and try again.

If it still fails, remove the custom portal package, reboot the box, and install it again.
I removed it cold rebooted had another go rebooted and POW it worked

Once again thanks to all who worked on this

Donation on the way