Can anyone help with a delete problem on humax HDR


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Hello, I am hoping someone can help, my unit has just suddenly stopped deleting any recordings. If i attempt to delete a recording I get the usual " do you want to delete this item?" When i click yes i get the please wait message but no trash can symbol the recording is still there after this ritual. I have reinstalled the firmware, factory reset and reformatted the hard drive. I am on the point if binning this one and buying another but cant help thinking this is something that can be put right. I could carry on reformatting the drive to delete the recordings but thats a pain. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for any help
You are in the wrong thread, you clearly have a Foxsat-Hdr not a Foxsat-HD. Your best bet is to head over to AVForums and install the Custom Firmware add on. One of the packages this provides is a disk-fix capability. With any luck it will solve your problems.