Can Channel Favourites Be Exported To a USB drive on HD Fox T2?

I have noticed in WebIF (Diagnostics\Database Browser) that the channel information is stored in db files. Is there a way to export this information to a USB drive so that if I decided to rescan the channel list, I can quickly re-import my favorite channels rather than doing this manually?

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The file itself is here :- /var/lib/humaxtv/channel.db and it will be possible copy this file to USB using Telnet or FTP this file using (Betaftp) to a P.C. / Laptop, BUT as to whether placing this file in another Humax will work, you would need to ask the Custom Firmware's Daddy, af123 :)


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The channel.db file contains all channel information and not just favourites. Also the favourites are linked to an internal channel ID which changes when you do a rescan - that's why the Humax software removes the favourites and schedule when you do a rescan.

The web interface has a way to backup and restore favourites in a way that resolves channel moves but some people have reported that it isn't working at the moment so it needs some investigation.


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Thanks for the responses guys. Yeah I noticed that some of the channel IDs change after a rescan and feared this may cause problems. af123 where abouts in WebIF is the facility to backup favourites so I can have a play?


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There's a link at the bottom of the list under Scheduled Events in the web interface that takes you to backup/restore.

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Remember that the standard Humax interface hidden service menu provides options to save the database to USB. Look up the Index under Standard Software... Hidden Service Menu.