Can fix disk be made to attempt repair of bad blocks without prompt for y/n?


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I have some hard drive problems on my hummy that I think are behind some recent crashes so, after reading the great information in the forum, I have started fix disk and indeed there do seem to be a lot of bad sectors which fix disk is fixing. However, I have to say 'y' to fix each one individually. Besides being really tedious this is making it all very slow because I can't just sit there waiting to type 'y' and <enter> every few seconds but I do keep coming back.

Is there a way to get fix disk to just attempt to repair all the bad blocks without prompt?

This has been asked before, and the answer is no (for reasons I don't remember). Maybe your query will prompt it to be looked at again.
There isn't at the moment although it doesn't prompt when repairing general filesystem corruption. I presume this is because there should never be that many bad blocks to fix and it prompts the user for each one, showing which file will be partially overwritten as a result.