Can I get iPlayer in Ireland


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Hi Everyone. I just got my HDR Fox T2 yesterday and am not surprised to find that the TV portal will not work for me in Ireland. I am in the border region and have the benefit of excellent TV signals from both Northern Ireland and The Republic but BBC and ITV in their wisdom block access to internet content to IP addresses outside the UK. On my PC I get around this by using a proxy server. Why do they do this since they freely broadcast to much of Europe on satellite? Any way around this on my Hummy. Also the radio portal Humax uses is very poor. None of the national Irish stations are available, only a handful of independents.
Thanks in advance for all your replies
PS Anyone know a way to add Irish TV to the portal or better still a web browser?
Welcome along as a newbie, but your queries are better posted in the relevant technical sections.

Your problems might be addressable using the custom portal in the custom firmware project, relevant topic HERE (click) and see also the links in my signature panel below.
I just happened on this one.
The iPlayer problem is outside of any software considerations - the thing which is blocking it is the BBC checking where the IP address originates. I've seen this both for for the Republic, and also for Spain (where i have contacts). The only reason that the satellite stuff works is that the footprint of the satellite(s) involved allow it, and there is no encryption (as Sky and other use).
I'll post this, just in case someone else is checking.
Thanks for the reply. I realise that my IP address being outside the UK is the problem but I was hoping to be able to run a proxy server like expat shield to get around this as I do on my pc. I hadn't realised that the Foxsat box might not have this problem or am I misunderstanding you?
With a FoxSat you'll be able to watch anything your dish will pick up when tuned to the 'UK' satellite cluster - provided it isn't encrypted. Thus, all the main channels will be watchable, but the Sky 'private' services won't (unless you get a Sky box, which isn't quite what you want). In Spain I can only get some of the channels which happen to be broadcast on a beam which stretches further south than the main beam.
What this means is that, given a box which can record from those channels, you can play programmes later, but you won't have iPlayer etc.
The HD/HDR-FOX uses the TV Portal function to access web services (YouTube, iPlayer), and does so via authentication at the Humax servers. It is unlikely you would be able to use a proxy server and still achieve authentication.
I live in Ireland, near the border with Northern Ireland. Because the telephone company are incapable of providing broadband through my phone line, I use a wireless provider based in Londonderry, so a UK ISP, and this allows me to use i-Player with my Foxsat HDR. Having said that, with a HDR in the house, who needs i-Player with it's poor picture quality? But it's always there.
IPlayer comes in handy when you didn't notice something was on in time, or somebody tells you about it afterwards, or that was the recording AR cocked up!