Can the HDR Fox T2 output an HDMI 1080i @ 60 Hz


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I'm concidering buying a HDR Fox T2, and I was wondering if it can output a HDMI signal 1080i @ 60 Hz. The reason for the 60 Hz is that mt TV was purchassed in the US and will only accept a 60 Hz signal :(.
I've HDMI scaler who can do the conversion but they cost in the region of 100 GBP, so if the box can do it (even if it requires hacking the soft), that would be great.

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Sorry but I doubt it. The BYTs wouldn't be able to hack it either.

The internals do upscaling/downscaling in terms of pixel vertical and horizontal resolution, and temporal scaling in terms of halving/doubling the scan rate, but you want to interpolate six frames out of five.
I think you would be better looking to see if the TV can be hacked/modified to accept 50Hz or even asking the TV Manufacturer if they can supply a firmware or guide to fix it.