Can the humax do slingbox type things?


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Hi all,

Basically next weekend i am on a business trip to south Yorkshire and will be driving up exactly the same time the grand Prix is recording!
Now my hotel has free internet, and i am taking a laptop, so what i would like to do is access my humax remotely, download the programme to the laptop, then watch it.
Custom FW is installed, using decrypt in place so it will play on the laptop with no problems.
I also have used no-ip in the past for ip cams so familiar with that side of things.
Just not sure how to set the humax up to be accessible either via webif or ftp to copy the programme off it.

Any help greatly appreciated.
I am also aware that i could watch it on BBC iplayer, but i would quite like to do it this way more so i can watch other stuff iv recorded too that isn't on catchup.
A few things to consider: What's your broadband uplink speed? If you are on ADSL it might be only a few hundred kbps (much less than your downlink speed - the "A" in ADSL stands for "asymmetric"), so the bandwidth will be nowhere near enough for real time streaming, and even uploading the file for later viewing will take a long time. I don't know how Slingbox overcomes this, but as (I think) it originated with analogue TV I presume it uses a much smaller bandwidth for lo-res video data (ditto security cameras).

To make it work at all you need to be able to access your home network from outside. Normally your router keeps out external attempts at access by means of a firewall, so a path needs to be set up to bypass the firewall for the specific traffic you want to use (while continuing to secure other accesses).

To find your own network from outside, it requires a unique address. Your ISP allocates an IP address, but unless you pay a premium for a fixed address it will be allocated dynamically and will change. This can be overcome by using a dynamic DNS service to track the IP address changes.

If you are still interested, there is a topic HERE (click) where a member failed to get it working from overseas.
I would second what Black Hole says. I did get my Hummy accessible from the internet and was able to view the webif and set up recordings etc but downloading video files was painful (I'm on a fairly slow ADSL connection). In the end I shut down external access as it had no useful purpose (Remote Scheduler works much better for setting up recordings etc and I get naughty marks at work if I try to access my home network - not sure why but it seemed easier to take away the temptation) and is a security hole.

Essentially you need to forward incoming web and streaming ports to the hummy (for webif and the actual streamed files) which will be a router setting and have some way of knowing your IP (I used DynDNS as it is free).