Can you disable the menu screen after watching recorded program?

This has been bugging me since I bought it.

I stick on a recorded show around 6.30pm for my wee boy to watch and wind down before bed while I can tidy up and do the dishes. Then it ends and the media menu is still oncreen with live tv behind it. So I have to come in, find the remote and press EXIT.

Is there a setting (or something we can do in custom firmware) so it doesn't show the media menu once a recording has finished playing?

Ezra Pound

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How about tuning the TV to an unavailable channel before playing the recorded show, then all you will get in no sound and a 'Current channel Unavailable' message

Ezra Pound

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Yeah thats an idea but not suited. I want it just to go back to live TV without me having to press anything!
Sorry, I thought that you didn't want him to see the live T.V. (Maybe not suitable), having re-read your request I see you want him to be able to see the live TV without the on screen Menu


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You almost definitely know this, but the media screen will disappear by itself after a while - probably 3 minutes since everything else in the Humax software seems to be based around that interval!