Cannot cancel radio series recording

Bill Film

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Hello everyone who has helped create a very useful customised Web Interface for the Humax.

So I normally download radio shows from get_iplayer, but the BBC broke its functionality in November

No problem, I will use the Humax to record the radio shows on Series Record and automatically convert to mp3.

And everything went well.

But now I am back to downloading the shows I want to listen to BUT I cannot cancel any of the radio shows series links I set up

No effect when I click "Cancel Event" on the EPG schedule, and no effect when I try to delete event by any other way

TV programmes all work fine, so looks like radio shows only cannot be cancelled once set up as series link

I am on auto update of everything so I am running the latest versions

Thanks if anyone can help/advise
If this is a bug report for the WebIF, it should be in the Custom Firmware section of the forum.

If on the other hand you are saying that you cannot go into the SUI (standard user interface) Guide >> Schedule (yellow) >> (select entry) >> Delete (blue) I will be very surprised.

Be aware that the Get_iPlayer software (Windows/Linux) for PC is capable of automatically grabbing iPlayer content as it becomes available based on various search criteria.
Thanks Black Hole

It is indeed a WebIF issue only.

Could some kind mod please move this thread to Custom Firmware section

Thank you
You are aware that the box requires a reboot before any schedule alterations by WebIF / RS can take effect?
Yes, but WebIFdoes not come up with "reboot required" message when I try to delete the radio series as it normally does for other pending changes (adding or removing)

This is low priority as I have deleted a most now using SUI, and I'll probably do the rest that way too when i get some time. (There were about 20 so I really went to town on this feature - but they are great for listening in the car if you do a lot of miles like me!)

Maybe just a little buglet of WebIF we can live with

Well, I just did a test and it worked OK for me. I set Thinking Allowed (R4) through the SUI, then accessed the WebIF and did More >> Delete on its schedule entry. The page refreshed with the item struck through under Scheduled Events, a delete entry action listed under Pending Scheduled Events, and a Restart Now | Dismiss alert.

I suggest you have a browser issue, with the page not loading properly or not actioning the scripts that sit behind the Delete option.
OK thanks, I'll look at the browser settings.

I know these things are often user specific, so that is probably it!

The only thing I did different was set series record through WebIF not SUI
So I normally download radio shows from get_iplayer, but the BBC broke its functionality in November

Winding back to the initial post - I still use get_iplayer to download radio programs.
In November I think they only broke the ability to get the feeds for the local cache of programmes.
I can still download radio in get_iplayer by entering the program into the "Quick URL" field and ticking the "BBC Radio" button on the Programme type.
You can get the url easily by going to the iplayer page, finding your program and grabbing the url from there.

Then click on the "Record" button, and off it goes. It works for me.

The BBC also removed the ability to play radio on the Humax portal. The Iplayer app is only good for TV now. That meant I can no longer grab iplayer radio programmes using the web interfaces "Save last streamed content..." So now I can only "steal" radio programmes that I've missed by using get_iplayer.