Cannot see any old files/recordings in MyVideo folder


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I have a Humax HDR Fox T2 with 1TB drive installed.

Just recently we've had a problem where when pressing the media button nothing happened.

I have the custom software installed and so went into maintenance mode and did 2 x fix-disk to try to solve the problem. It did find some errors which were corrected. Now when pressing media it will go into media but does not list any files. I can still record and new recordings are displayed in the list. All other functions of the system are working. Also if I ftp onto the box it sees the MyVideo folder but this also shows nothing in it. ( the drive is about 80% full).

Can anyone suggest anything else I might be able to do to see these files again before I try reformatting the drive or replacing it?

thank in advance.


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Which begs the question "where have the files really gone?"
You could try running this:
humax# du|sort -n|tail -20
and post the results.


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Here are the results:

humax# du|sort -n|tail -20
19438376 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#393217/Watched series
19865776 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#8634369
19983640 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#393217
20481116 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190458
21816380 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54779905
27671136 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#57819137
30813440 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190719
31158388 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#6782977
31228140 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190200
31686088 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190655
31716384 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190215
35878672 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190603
37003312 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190325
62351896 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190566
66088452 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54190324
80760036 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found/#54616065
724388480 ./mnt/hd2/lost+found
732888188 ./mnt/hd2
734002083 ./mnt
735344187 .


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humax# mv /mnt/hd2/lost\+found/* /mnt/hd2/My\ Video/
and repeat the previous command to make sure it's all gone where intended!

Oh, actually, you're going to have to work out what all the files are and what their names are as well.
Depends how much stuff you've got as to how tedious it's going to be...

It might be better to do this while it's where it is and then move it all.
You may be able to work out which are .ts, .nts, .hmt and .thm files from the sizes and the timestamps ('ls -l' is going to be your friend here).


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Hi prpr,

thanks for your help on this, am now able to see all media files and am copying off anything I wanted to keep...!! Life saver!


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Be aware that the media files may remain encrypted after copying elsewhere unless previous decrypted. They would play if you copied them back to the same box as they were recorded on, but nothing else.