Cannot start from overnight standby using remote

Dave Ell

I cannot start from overnight power-saving standby using the remote. but have to press the button on the box. After a subsequent power down, it works fine.

I have had the Hummy since August 2012 and this is a very recent phenomenon. Firmware is 1.02.31 with customised 2.22

Any ideas?


This could become a long thread. The obvious one is the row of white buttons at the top other than the left hand white one got pressed. Low battery / cold weather. Then you head straight into the remote control issues which seem to break into two types. The one I get periodically and others do is at warm boot up but goes away after a couple of minutes and then can return for short periods. Other users get the issue all of the time. The former can be fixed by powering down but best to just wait till it clears itself. BetaFTP seemed to reduce the problem significantly taking out the built in one from the screens menu. Others postulate that it's the hard disk having problems but that's not the one I have. Best to do a disk check.

Clearing dust from the front touch sensors is a good thing to do where it's postulated again that dust causes these issues, or some of the issues. You can use custom software remote instead of the remote if you have the short term problem which some people do.

May be you just had an odd issue but it does sound like the type of problem that some users get.
I meant you get it on. With the problem I've had you get it out of standby then 30 seconds latter it stops responding to the remote but I've also had the problem as described where I just push the button. Note I was being a bit coy about the problem at the minute, it went away but reappeared last weekend / Monday. Not related to what the processor was doing as far as sysmon was telling me. But gone away again. I also suspect that some of the custom processors going on in the background can also tax it as well which pushes it over the edge to be non responsive. To me it just doesn't get enough time slots to read the infra red and some Humax boxes run at the margin of this.... but I could be wrong.
I had replaced the batteries before posting but the problem seems to have gone away since posting, but I haven't brought the hummy out of standby since until the room has thoroughly warmed up. I am thinking that it may well have been an ambient temperature issue.