cant connect over network


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I have an hd-fox t2 box, with 500mb drive attached and networked via a powerline adaptor.

Today I can't access the box from my pc - tried using filezilla, from a web interface and telnet- all with the same result, cant establish a network connection.
Tried accessing internet (youtube) and this worked fine.
Tried to access the box from my android tablet and this failed.

Any ideas?

The IP address has probably changed if you are on DHCP.
You can find this using the Humax Settings menus.
checked the ip address, set it manually to - I should say everything was working fine a few days ago.
Are you sure the Custom Firmware is still present?, Does the display show F214 when the Humax is powered up?
the display shows F2.14 when I switch it on.
Just tried reflashing with the custom firmware - HD_FOX_T2_upgrade.hdf
and I get the same result.
So, I changed from manual IP to DHCP- using the same IP and this time it worked!
No idea why.
Thanks for your help.