Can't drive undelete


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Oh dear. I'm not doing too well with starting to use Custom Firmware.
I've installed Undelete (the main reason I've gone to CF since I deleted a film SWMBO really wanted to watch) but I can't find out where the (un)deleted files have gone.
I set a folder name for the undelete folder in Settings, but it does not appear in the folder list.
Where do they go?

Really sorry for the dumb question
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Have you restarted your Humax since you installed the package and set the folder name? That's required for this package because of the way it hooks into the system.

The folder should appear as soon as you delete something and be visible at the top level along with the other folders. We usually recommend that it is named with square brackets around it as that stops other custom firmware packages from interfering with it so most people go with something like [Deleted Items].
Have you deleted a recording since installing undelete? Your deleted items folder (whatever you have called it) should appear when you delete your next recording.

Edit: af123 beat me to it.:)
Thanks for your replies. All working OK now.
I am sure I checked fully last time but could have been fooled by the undelete folder being at the end of my folder list (because of its leading square bracket). Perhaps a) I only checked the alphabetic list and/or b) had not switched the Humax off and back on and/or c) had not deleted anything.
Advancing years, perhaps????? Sorry for posting a non problem.:oops: