Can't find Rename?

Hi, I have been a big fan of the Hummy for years and recently set up my hew FVP 5000T. :)
My question is can anyone tell me how to change the name of a recorded programme? I can't find it as an option in the menu.
My old HDR Fox T2 had the option to rename.
If you are watching then deleting it isn't necessary but I recorded a programme that I want to keep. The programme I recorded was on after the news but the news over-ran. Therefore when I did an instant record it named the file BBC News instead of the one I wanted.
I suppose a work around would be to create a folder with the correct programme name and store the recording inside.
Plenty of bells and whistles on this model, I would expect a rename option.
No rename function and no facility to create folders, this is a step backwards in my opinion.
Thanks for the replies, I just hope a future update will give these options.


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That is what they call progress, or what we here call 'dumbing down'.
I just can't imagine why you would think that they would provide these features in an update when they have obviously removed them from what they already had.


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I expect these functions are removed deliberately to deter people from using these boxes as long term archives, thus driving them back to using the boxes as relatively short term time shifters, so adverts are still fairly fresh, and also people are more likely to watch repeats a year or two later, again with new adverts. Yes we can skip/ff the ads, but for most people that process isn't perfect and you still get exposed to come, particularly the 'sponsored by' brackets.

Adverts are also part of the push to streamed content which gives 'them' back control over the advertising we are fed.

It's always about the money.
Given that the device is used not just used for viewing but for recording, I can't see that not being able to rename or create a file would be a condition from third parties.
I suppose long term recordings could be kept on a USB stick, please don't tell me I can't do that.:)
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This saves making multiple posts quoting different people.;)
I contacted Humax about the inability to be able to rename and to make new folders.
Response was that users had already asked for these changes but they had no plans to do so!