Can't load "Original Humax Portal"


I recently added the custom firmware to my HDR-FOX T2. I've been using the alternative Portal with no issues until today.

I pressed the Portal button today and tried to load both the Original Portal and the iPlayer but it just sits there saying LOADING.

Sky Player works fine as does the other Custom options. It appears just the original portal is having problems.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?




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Here are some things I have tried
  • Rebooted the box several times
  • Powered off at the wall
  • Uninstalled portal package - "connecting" briefly flashes up, but nothing else happens. Original portal not available
  • Reinstalled portal package - No change
  • Rebooted the box several more times.
Still unable to access iPlayer or the original Humax Portal.

Thanks in advance.


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The Humax servers can and do hang up at times. I had a long period yesterday morning when I couldn't get beyond "connecting", but later it was OK. It may be related to network load.

Try again later.


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This is outrageous - if I don't get my daily dose of 'League of Super Evil' off the i-player I get really cranky.

The delay to load the portal has be getting gradually longer over the last few days - but once the i-player was finally up and running the streaming was OK.

But now, nothing - No L.O.S.E!:frantic:



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I had iplayer crash my box on Thursday night while catching up on Eastenders.. First time that's happened.
I ended up using iplayer on my Xbox 360 instead.


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Tried the portal again this morning. Seems to be working fine now for iPlayer.

Does the Humax portal host the iPlayer, or does the portal redirect us? If it is a redirect, could a direct link to it be provided on the custom portal to help avoid this issue in the future?


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From what I remember, humax host the startup script. So it's easier for us to link to that so that we pick up any changes.
I can't see an update with a direct link being issued by anyone, it doesn't go down that much.