can't reflash to original firmware


problems problems...

The first one was when I noticed that the EPG on the web interface had sort of gone (I've already posted about this but no-one could help).
Then I had this BST to GMT switchover but none of the series-linked timings corrected itself and I got all the wrong recordings. I'm used to this as this box has done this from day 1 (I've already posted about this but no-one could help).
So this morning, I tried to upgrade the CF to 4.1.2. I was not able to do this, so I thought maybe it has to be re-flashed to the original firmware first. But I was not able to do this either. Have I broken my foxbox?

PS In case anyone is wondering, the pen drive I'm using is the same one I used to change the original firmware (1.21 or something?) to raydon's 4.1.1
I hope this is not in the wrong forum and that someone can help.

PPS also I noticed that the last housekeeping boot was on the 27th of September. I thought this was done nightly?

Ezra Pound

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Although there is a thread on this forum for the Foxsat Custom Firmware HERE and Raydon does contribute to this forum, I would think you would be better off posting your question on the AV forums forum, HERE where Raydon hosts his Q & A for the Foxsat CF