cant see humax on PC


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I can't log in to webif on my PC. The ip address is
Message says unable to connect. Using Putty and telnet connection I can log in to Humax OK. When I look at service I have mongoose installed and on auto start but it is not running. This is about as far as my understanding goes. It used to work OK but when the IP address changed on the humax I was not able to connect using the new IP address above
Help please

Ezra Pound

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Mongoose should not be autostart = yes

Humax HDR-Fox T2 (humax) 1.03.12/3.00

humax# service

Name                 Installed  Autostart  Running
----                 ---------  ---------  -------
mediatomb            No         No         No
dropbear             No         No         No
transmission         Yes        No         No
samba                No         No         No
nfs                  No         No         No
cifs                 No         No         No
mongoose             Yes        No         No
betaftpd             Yes        Yes        Yes


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I have mongoose installed =yes. All others are =no.
Strange thing is now The webif loads OK when I enter IP address into my browser.