cant see network drive


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Hi, I have an external HD attached to my asus dsl-n55u router via USB (it has media server enabled).
The HD can be seen & stream fine to my laptop and desktop pc but my fox t2 cannot see it (Its connected via cat6 to my router)
Im after streaming my movies from this HD over the network to my TV.

Any advice would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance for any help that can be given.
To avoid confusion with "High Definition", I prefer HDD for "Hard Disk Drive".
Have you turned on content share on the HDR FOX T2 ?
You don't need content sharing turned on to access external DLNA sources, which is what the OP has enabled on his router as the "media server". I also presume the OP is trying access via Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network.

The HDR-FOX can take time to find a DLNA server, particularly the first time (no idea why), and it can take persistence.

Advice: forget the vagaries of the Humax client and install the Custom Firmware. Properly configured, you will then be able to access the HDD on the router as a NAS, as if it were a USB drive connected to the HDR-FOX.
Thank you so much for the prompt replies.

I have the custom firmware installed.
Could I ask how do I get the HDD on the router to be accessed as a NAS by the fox t2 or web interface