Can't See Screenshot Images

Hi Guys

Sorry if it is me, but I can'r see screenshot images that members have added to their posts. I can see avatars OK, images of screenshots don't appear.

I am using Firefox 9.0.1 on the release channel.

So I need to amend any settings?




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I am also using Firefox 9.0.1, and can see most images. Can you post a link to a couple of posts containing images that you can't see, and I will see if I can see them.


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I have just tried both of those, and they don't work for me either. They don't work for me in Internet Explorer either, so I think that there is a problem with those images.

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I think we can take it that it is not a problem your end then.


Just an idea, what if the poster chose to upload a graphics format not supported by our browsers?


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It could be due to the poster linking to an image on the internet that gets removed or altered after posting. This has happened to me in the past.:rolleyes: