Can't see video files on DLNA when a jpg file of same name is present


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I noticed that on the humax HD and HDR boxs I could see only a few items from my library served over DLNA.
Until this morning I assumed this due to the 4gb problem but i hadn't read and understood that problem properly.

When I upgraded to the latest beta firmware and my video library was still sparse as ever I realised that the missing ones all have a jpg thumbnail associated with each one. Conversely the ones that do display do not have a thumbnail file. All films list put fine, with or without thumbnail on my other DLNA players.

Apart from the obvious workaround of removing or renaming the jpg files, does anyone have any ideas? And what is the best way to report this problem to HUMAX?
What are we talking about here - media stored elsewhere and being served to the Humax?

Is this accounting for having to preselect what type of media you are looking for using the yellow button? If you are on video you are only presented with video files, ditto photos or music.
A jpeg will not stop dlna working. It's the video container that you are using is probably not supported or you are not sharing them correctly.