Can't upgrade software

Peter Arnold

New Member

My FVP-4000T has software version UKTFAE 1.00.73 (dated 11 Jan 2016).

I understand there's more recent versions of the software availble with fixes such as being able to retune without loosing scheduled recordings.

Whwn I go to the System Information page and choose Check New Software I get the please wait for 2-3 minutes message but then I see nothing but this message for several hours until I'm forced to pull the power to restart the box.

I've tried this with a wired connection, via WiFi and with the upgrade downloaded to a USB stick.

Has anyone else seen this and is there a way forward?


Well, I contacted technical support; they made several suggestions but I was unable to force an upgrade either via a net connection or via USB. Having given up I was surprised that the software had upgraded itsaelf overnight a few days ago. So, success!