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After several years faultless service, my Foxsat HDR is now struggling to boot. As others have reported, it takes 30-odd seconds. It then appears to be fine, but it fails to find the satellite signal, so I can't watch any live TV.

I think the signal is OK, because the failure is intermittent - sometimes it will find the signal. I know the hard drive is fine as I can see and watch all my recordings, even when the signal isn't found.

My guess is it's the power supply / capacitor issue, but I've had a look inside and can't see any visible signs of the capacitors failing - no bulging.

My question is whether it is still likely that the capacitors are the problem and that replacing them might/should solve the problem?

If so, does anyone know whether the Humax Foxsat repair kit for £4.99 on componentz is compatible with the Foxsat HDR? It doesn't specify HDR or not (sorry - I haven't submitted enough posts yet to include the link).


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You would have to open up your Humax and see if your capacitors correspond with the one detailed on the site, e.g. :-

Three capacitors are known to fail on the Humax Foxsat which are C12, (2200uf, 10V),
C13 (680 uf, 25v) and C23 (680uf 25v).

There is also a picture of the power supply on the site, so you can see if it looks the same as yours

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This would never happen so early if their quality control improved.