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caravan life


New Member
We live permanently in our caravan travelling between Devon and Cornwall, we have fitted on the roof a Glomex Satellite Dome. This has a single lnb which is connected to our 1000s the Dome is switched on through red ,amber, finally when satellite is found green comes on. The single cable from the Dome is connected to SAT IN 1, the pvr is switched on from Menu Settings System Info Signal Info Tuner 1 no signal bottom of screen Freesatbox connected with one cable top of screen The receiver is not receiving a signal or the signal is too weak. In other humax freesat boxes (not pvr) we have owned even if signal was 80% quality 80% we would have a pretty perfect picture. Do I assume that the 1000s will only work at 100% Q and 100% Strength or is there something wrong with the 1000s.


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My HDR1000S gives the same readings as a Foxsat-hdr when connected to the same quad lnb. The previous Foxsat-HD also gave the same results. Are you sure the dish has locked on to 28.2/28.5E ? Some of the 28.5E (wide beam) transponders work without issue at around 80/80 readings on both boxes.