Casting video to 1800T

Is there a guide to setting this up? I'm trying to cast an mp4 file from the video folder on W10 to an 1800T. When I right click on the file the option 'cast to device' is not picking up the 1800T, it's picking up a neighbour's printer instead? I can successfully d/l files from the box to pc (hd and sd), and the box is available on Network Locations>HumaxFTP.

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Yup. You can play and/or import video/photos/MP3 from USB storage, or play from a DLNA server on your home network. Play has to be commanded from the 1800T menus - you can't direct it from elsewhere. It may also have FTP or SMB capability for network access to the file storage.


PS: The 1800T also has a DLNA server, so you can view recordings (etc) from elsewhere on your network using a media player with DLNA client capability. The server probably needs to be turned on in the settings.
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To be honest, I've no idea what "cast to device" means. If it means you want to initiate the playing of a file from your W10 computer to the 1800T, then as far as I can see there is no way to do this. As BH pointed out in post #4 the 1800T has a DLNA server which can serve StdDef files to other devices. It has to be turned on. "Read the fine manual". It is also possible to use the 1800T as a DLNA client. If you can work out how to set up your W10 computer as a DLNA server, then you should be able - from the 1800T - to view a file stored on the W10 computer.
I only make use of the video folder on the 2000T (essentially the same as an 1800T). You can transfer pictures/music/video to the Humax via ftp. I've never tried to upload music or photos via a USB device so I don't know if that works. As BH says you can play video/music and view photos directly from a USB device.
I have never seen any reference to the 1800T/2000T being able to use SMB.
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I thought WMP had DLNA capabilities? I can play files on the Humax on W10 via my home network, just thought it would work the other way round.