There are a few Internet based TV channels which say you need an Internet connection for them to work, such as CCTV, which I would quite like to get in the UK.

I have a good, fast Internet connection via wifi and BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc works great on the HDR. I'm using customised firmware, but can't get the Internet TV channels to work. They load up, but no content ever comes through. Is there a step or steps that I'm forgetting? I just choose the channel using the remote control, but nothing ever streams.

Does anyone have any ideas, or do I have to sign up to something somewhere?



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The Streamed channels are not currently supported by the HDR. It isn't clear to me whether Humax will ever update the software to support them.

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Ah I see. Great, thanks for your help. I've never had any issues with my Humax at all- has always performed impeccably. A million times better than the Bush, Alba and Sagemcom ones which I tried and returned first. And whilst I'm being thankful, I say thanks to the people who created and develop the custom firmware and packages. Completely invaluable. Especially the remote scheduling.