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Andrea Edwards

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As the regulars are aware, I have a few HDR Fox T2 recorders, all with custom firmware installed

But there seems to be a recurring issue with the WebIf option to Reset New Flag

As recordings are watch, the New flag is removed, the indication of a recording being new (unwatched) is a little yellow triangle with a plus sign in the top left corner of the recording, once watched, this disappears, if you have used series record, then the recording is stored in a folder with a meaningful name, a series folder can be identified by it also having a small square with a letter 'S' in the bottom right corner of the series linked folder, once all the recordings of the series have been watched, the folder icon no longer has the yellow triangle until a new recording is made

The webif pages shows slightly more info, the yellow triangle with the plus sign is still present, though the series 'S' in the box is now not shown, the webif screen adds a red circle with a number representing the total of unwatched recordings in each series linked folder or user created folder when recordings are manually moved to tidy up the root directory of non-series recording

Sometimes the number of unwatched recordings is not reported accurately, either still showing as having unwatched recordings when there are none unwatched, or not showing there are unwatched recordings after recordings have been made, when in the webif page, the number in the red circle does not accurately reflect the correct number of unwatched recordings, I have seen cases were recordings have been made in a folder and the new flag is not showing

Is there any option to have the webif page run a regular action of doing a <Reset new Flag> without the need to click on the OPT+ and doing it manually on every folder and in my case on each HDR recorder in turn

Along the lines of <Enable Auto-reset new flag> aka <Enable Auto-decrypt>, <Enable Auto-shrink>

Sorry for the length of explaining the issue

Andrea Edwards

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thank you MymsMan

I did a bit of research as every hour was a bit to often for me

So I made the following edit
53 18 * * * diag resetnew >> /mod/tmp/resetnew.log 2>&1
After a reboot, I checked the log history to confirm everything ran ok

Then edited again so that it runs during the time it awakes at 4.20am for the Disable OTA channel change
24 4 * * * diag resetnew >/dev/null 2>&1

I'll check again tomorrow