[CFW 2.20] Customised Firmware version 2.20


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Customised firmware version 2.20 has been released for the Humax HDR Fox T2 and the HD Fox T2. This is a minor update which adds a hook that can be used by Kev7378's recently released dlna-servername package. It also includes an updated version of the fix-disk utility from xyz321.
2.20 (06/12/2013)

  • Additional hook for modules that wish to run directly after the Humax TV application starts;
  • New version of fix-disk courtesy of xyz321;
    • Restructure so that all smartctl tests are performed before attempting to locate the file(s) associated with any bad block(s). As suggested by prpr;
    • New option -n to prevent polling of the smartctl status throughout the test. This should only be used if absolutely necessary since it will greatly extend the test time.