[CFW 3.02] Customised Firmware version 3.02 released.


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Version 3.02 of the customised firmware has now been released and is available for download via the Wiki at http://wiki.hummy.tv/wiki/Firmware_Downloads

The main changes in this version are to resolve the problems that some users have reported with using maintenance mode in conjunction with a Wi-Fi connection.

There is no special upgrade procedure required for this version - it can be safely installed on top of any previous CFW version, or on top of any official Humax version in a single step.

Note that, as it includes a kernel, it takes longer to programme into flash with a prolonged pause around the 90% mark and there is potentially a second programming phase on the HD-Fox T2.

Full release notes:

3.02 (03.02.2015)
  • Improve bringing up Wi-Fi connection in maintenance mode;
Thanks are due to Black Hole for the legwork in tracking the root cause of this issue down in the first place and to MontysEvilTwin for testing release candidates and providing valuable feedback;​
  • Display Wi-Fi on the front panel in maintenance mode, prior to displaying the IP address, if only a Wi-Fi connection is found;
  • Show ENTERING MAINTENANCE MODE on front panel during maintenance mode boot;
  • Add dlna command to the HDR maintenance mode menu to clear the DLNA database. Useful if you do a monthly maintenance boot for housekeeping (e.g. clear epg, clear dlna, check disk);
  • Upgrade embedded telnet menu;
  • Removed checks related to legacy mongoose web server;
  • Available for the Humax HDR Fox-T2 versions 1.02.20, 1.02.32 and 1.03.12;
  • Available for the Humax HD Fox-T2 versions 1.02.20, 1.02.31 and 1.03.02.