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Change email on rs.hpkg.tv account?



I need to change my email address as my existing provider is shutting down. My new email is active in parallel at the moment, so I'm going round changing to the new password wherever necessary.

I can't see how to change the account on rs.hpkg.tv Is there a way? I thought maybe just create a new account, but that option doesn't seem to exist either, the page just goes straight to the login dialogue with no option to create a new account.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks Tony S


Sorry, I misread the instructions. All gone through OK now, I changed the RS email address in local settings, then logged in with temporary password, reset to one of my choice. I don't know if I need to delete the account under the old email. Maybe I should have done that first.
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For RS, just go into the web interface on your Humax device and enter the new email address under Settings -> RS Settings.. it will automatically create a new account, move the Humax across to it and send you a new password.
If you have any problems post here and I can help.
It is strange that I never appear to have implemented a way to change the email address from the RS web page though.


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I think it makes sense that control of the RS email is tied to the machine.
You wouldn't want the previous owner of a second hand machine to retain any control over and you can do that by setting the email address via webif - there is no need to know whether the previous owner was an RS user or what their details were.


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The simplest way to clarify the change method would be to add a mouseover tooltip to the email address on the RS settings page saying 'To change registered email address update it on the webif settings for RS'


I'm having an issue getting this to work at the moment. Changed email address via the webif and got an email straight away saying what the initial password was set to, however it doesn't actually work when I try and log in. In fact the password in the email is slightly ambiguous, as it is a five letter word followed immediately by a colon, but it isn't clear whether the colon is part of the password or simply email punctuation. Neither variation seems to work though. I can't reset the password again and get another email from the remote scheduling portal since the reset page states that the Captcha version in use needs to be updated. A bit stuck !