Change of network password caused loss of portal access on HDR-FOX T2


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Newcomer, I am not too knowledgeable on wireless networks. Just found hummy tv in search for solution to the following problem. This site has impressed me from Go.
HDR-FOXT2 Portal working ok. Then when I changed the password on the bthomehub2 due to security problem access is now not available with new password or old btHomehub default password.
Also, does wireless config data need to be entered each time I want to access the portal?
If you have your SSID hidden the Humax will lose the connection details each time.

As for why you can't access now you have changed the WPA password, perhaps you are not being careful enough to enter it exactly at the Humax? It is quite finicky, and not all characters are available on the "keyboard". I have a problem that my password is too long and I can't enter it before the screen times out!
Hi "Black Hole"
Thanks for your quick reply
I Have checked and double checked each time I have tried. Even wondered if I was entering wrong "password". Had I used other data wrongly originally, each several times but without success.
I wonder is there a means of resetting the necessary data?
The bthomehub shows the encryption to be WPA+WPA2 in part of the setup data. in another part it is said to be AES. Which is the relevant encryption type for the Humax. As you may gather I am totally confused by the different references. Are they all the same? or are only certain ones compatible?
Sorry about my lack of knowledge on this subject .
At worst, Can someone help or please tell me where to further my knowledge.

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