Changing root \ working directory, is it possible?


Is there any way to change the working directory from '/video' to a sub directory ? It's would help keep the root folder and the first one you see, clean. I do use series filer but still it would be better to have new recordings hidden away a bit.
Do you mean recordings that are made as individuals rather than as part of a series?

The WebIF "scheduled events" browser gives you the option to edit the destination folder for a recording (or in this case add one), and (I believe) it will be created if not in existence at the time of the recording. This is available for normal recordings but not manual ones (where you set the times yourself).

I'm not certain, but I think setting up a recording from the Remote Scheduling service allows you to specify the destination folder.

There is no means to alter the way the Humax behaves by default, but if there is a demand I expect something can be added to the WebIF to adjust scheduled recordings, or alternatively have a package which does the opposite of flatten (any recordings found immediately under My Video get moved to a specified folder). Nobody has asked for this before, I know af123 is working on a few other things right now but he might add it to the list.
+1 for the opposite to flatten package idea. I like everything in a folder to keep things tidy. If any non series recordings could get moved into a folder of my choice that would automate a process I have to do periodically...
+1 for the opposite to flatten package idea. I like everything in a folder to keep things tidy. If any non series recordings could get moved into a folder of my choice that would automate a process I have to do periodically...

series-filer is generally considered the opposite of flatten, but it doesn't handle non-series recordings.
I have a set of scripts that clean up automatically - such as moving any non-series recordings from a kids' channel directly into /Children/Miscellaneous, any with Genre film and > 60 minutes into /Films, etc. but it takes a lot of time to implement something general purpose. Ideally there would something that could handle rules like these in a flexible way.
By the sounds of things, something simple to move feral recordings to a single nominated folder would do to start with; bells and whistles could come along as and when.
In consideration of its probable future abilities, how about classifier? It will presumably also work with flattened series recordings.

I notice we've had no response from the OP whether this approach will solve his particular problem.

Before anyone complains about my project managing contribution again: get over it.
Yes, it would help and make it all tidy. Good to see I'm not completely alone with this one.
Yes, 'non-series filer' works or 'root tide'. I have a recent folder where I dump all loose files. It would be good to be able to set the destination in the WebIF.
Thanks again.
If the aim is to implement something more general purpose then I'd plump for rules-based-filer or file-by-rule.
For me a name like getting_rid_of_my_wifes_rubbish_recordings would be a good name but suspect that does not fully reflect the generality of the application :)
In view of the controversy that has broken out again in another topic (HERE), there seems to be an opening for two packages: one to do a straightforward dump of non-series recordings into a nominated folder, mainly for non-users of flatten; and another which sorts recordings which end up in My Video by whatever means (which may well be series recordings that have been flattened) by genre or keyword.

How about this: a non-series-filer package, which (like flatten) can be installed and works autonomously with little or no interaction with the WebIF (the destination folder had better start "[" in case the user is also using flatten); and a WebIF auto-classify folder OPT+ option where the sort keys and destinations are configurable through WebIF settings.
Just a thought but it seems to me that from a user perspective this needs a 'mega' package that does flatten and all the filer functions. One could then have a single 'settings' page where you view and control which recordings end up where. Otherwise it gets tricky to remember what action applies to which programme and maybe you could even get a circular clash where a file gets continually shunted around by competing packages :eek:
This has been talked over before, and a lot of previously disparate functions have been unified into the WebIF. Single-function simple packages are still relevant for customised firmware installations which are "fit and forget" with no routine network access (and are more in keeping with the philosophy of UNIX/Linux).

There have been conflicts between relocation packages (flatten, series-filer, undelete) before the "[" folder prefix convention for "keep out" was universally adopted. non-series-filer/auto-classify could only co-exist with flatten as long as the destination folders were prefixed "[" (or marked "no flatten" in the WebIF media browser folder options, which adds a .flag marker file to the target folder).