Changing the directory for upcoming programmes


Hi - I've been trying out the customized firmware for a few days - one thing I can see in the webif is the ability to change directories.
So, as I like to keep stuff tidy, and my wife isn't interested in The Simpsons, I thought I'd change the directory the episodes are saved to.
I selected "change directory" and the box showed "The Simpsons" (without the quotes). Not knowing any different, I changed this to "Mike\The Simpsons", hoping it would then save the files to a directory called "The Simpsons" I'd already created within "Mike".
However, when the next episode was recorded, it was saved in a new directory in the root called "Mike_The Simpsons". I presume my syntax was incorrect, but I'm very green when it comes to Linux/Unix etc., and have no idea what I should be changing this to.
Any suggestions?


I don't think you can go more than one level deep, but in any case this is Linux so the correct separator is "/".

What is happening is that the WebIF gives you the opportunity to adjust the parameters in the schedule database, and to substitute the series string for another, so when the recording is made the normal operations create the folder specified. It would not expect to be more than one level down.

For what you want to do there is series-filer, which moves the recording after it has been made in the normal place.
Thanks for that. I've found and added series-filer. Looks like I simply move the first programme of a series into any folder and the rest should follow. That's fine, as that should sort things the way I want.

Thanks again

You need to move the whole folder, as series-filer looks for matching folder names. When the recorder creates the folder again, series-filer moves the contents to the new location.

Don't use it with undelete though - their functions conflict.
I don't have undelete installed so no problem there. I've now tried series-filer and it works perfectly and does exactly what I want. I've come to the Humax after a fair few years using a Topfield 5800 running 'MyStuff', and I'm trying to get the good things in the Topfield running on the Humax. With this I'd say I'm pretty much there.

Hi guys - seasons greetings etc!

I've previously created a folder called [Films] which I manually move any recorded films into. Like things tidy! :)

My questions is, if in the Web-If I change the folder to [Films] (next to a film that I've set to record tomorrow), will it simply put the film into my [Films] folder automatically (which is what I'm looking for) or would it try to create a second [Films] folder? Or, would it do something far more scary such as overwritting my existing [Films] folder? I'm too afraid to test it!!! :frantic:

Thanks in advance!
I've tested it and although it lets you change the name of the folder it still just appears in the top level folder as normal.
Thanks for your reply.