Changing the timeout for Automatic Power Down?


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Does anyone know how to alter this value to something other than 3 hours without disabling it completely? Thanks.
Can't be done, as far as I know. There may be another way to achieve what you want - what is your desire?
Thanks for the response. I was thinking that if I could increase the timeout it would still turn itself off if I forgot about it but would be less likely to do so when I was in the middle of watching something streaming over the LAN.
Fundamentally what I want is the box not to turn itself off whilst streaming, so perhaps the ideal would be to register LAN activity as an event it resets the APD timer for then there would be no need to mess with the timeout.
I leave mine on overnight if necessary. Your best bet is to set power on / power off times (set both, not only one).
I suppose something could be written that looks for streaming activity and if it is present then sends some remote control commands (such as VOL-, VOL+) every hour..