Changing Webif port number


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I am wanting to change the port number Webif uses (to something like 8080) so I can set up port forwarding on my router and access my humax box externally (I already have my NAS accessed via port 80).

I have seen comments saying I should edit the /mod/etc/mongoose.conf file, but I can't seem to find the file.

If I go into the /mod/etc directory and do an 'ls' I can see an error " ./mongoose.conf: Input/output error"

Does anyone know how to sort this, or can someone let me know the contents of this mongoose.conf file so I can try to recreate it?

I think you may be refering to the link in the WiKi HERE, about changing the /mod/etc/mongoose.conf file, I'm not sure if this file is still used as mongoose has been replaced by Lighttpd
See #4 below
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