Channel 4 epg anomaly for this evening


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Channel 4 tonight
On WebIf it shows:
Channel 4 News (19:00 to 20:00)
New: George Clark's Flipping Fast (21:00 to 22:00)
Location, Location, Location is not there (20:00 to 21:00)
but George Clarkspans 20:00 to 22:00
The epg on RS is fine. Location for tonight is in red (pending change)
Anyone else seeing this ? If not what can I do ?

Correction: On WebIf it shows...
The actual box itself is fine
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Anyone else seeing this ?
You neglected to state whether SD or HD version.
Having looked at WebIf on my boxes (in two regions), I find said entry is present on SD but not on HD.

The entry in the raw epg.dat file stored by the Humax software appears to be missing the HD event-id, for whatever reason.
So there is no way it will get in to the WebIf on them. No idea how RS works.
If not what can I do ?
Nothing. Set a manual recording.


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Scheduling the recording uses the epg but the actual recording will depend on what crids are actually broadcast - not what the epg says (as evidenced by Silent Witness earlier this week)
Does your recording schedule show Location as scheduled for this evening?


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@prpr - Thanks for checking - I followed your advice and did a manual recording which worked..
@MymsMan - It eventually show 'no information' on the tv and just a blank on the Humax epg.
I think they must have mucked up the crid as 'cheers' on Saturday at 06:45 was scheduled along with location for next Wednesday

Edit: Should be 'Cheers' on Friday at 06:45
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They still haven't fixed it though. Scheduling Location for next Wednesday as a series put 'Cheers' on Friday at 06:45 in as well.
Thank goodness for the 'skip this episode' option... (another welcome option of WebIf)