Channel 808 start up with disable-OTA


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Hi, My Humax HDR Fox T2 starts up after being on standby for the night on channel 808 (BBC red button). Is this normal? I have Disable-OTA installed and I see from the schedule that it uses 808.
Would Poweron-channel help to set a more common channel and override this effect.
Cheers Jad
The BBC Red Button should be on channel 200. I am guessing that you are receiving signals from more than one transmitter, not usually a good thing.

Yes, I use the power-on channel package and set my HDRs for start on BBC One HD. FWIW, I also have the disable-OTA package installed (BBC Red Button 200).

That's interesting about the channel number. I don't think we have re-tuned for some time and I think we still have the old settings. With my new Webif and the ability to backup my (our) recording schedule, I'll give it a go. I'll also install Power-on channel. Thanks for the input. Regards
Sounds like a 'let's find the channel numbers of the transmitter that I want to receive from and do a manual tune' moment
Hi, sorry its taken some time to get back to you. I'm using the Power-on-channel and this is fine. At least the Humax wakes up on a regular channel and my good lady is happy again.
As for the retune - still not completed. I will get round to it though.
Thanks all.