Channel edit and initialise greyed out


Hi sorry I’m out at the moment but have these two(installation & channel edit) greyed out and the last thin I did was multiple deletes. I have left the box running for an hour and then did a hard power off but still getting the same. Not worried about doing a reset back to factory if that’s what’s needed
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Ok still got this can anyone help or even show me how to do factory reset as it’s just been set up so nothing to lose recording wise
There are a few reasons this might be occurring, it will happen while the unit is recording, but it also happens when the unit is continuously displaying '* Deleting', in the Media on-screen menu, if you have the permanent '* Deleting' then even a factory reset may not work, there is a fix for it, but you may need to install the Custom FirmWare, however the factory reset is :- Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default, there is also a format HDD option, if this is selected, all recordings will be erased
Thanks I get the deleting icon spinning, and because installation is greyed out I can’t format, currently running fixdisk to see if it solves anything
Update just decided to wip the drive out and reformat in 5he pc refitted it and the box asks to format the drive and menus are now back
Fixdisk has an option specifically for your problem, e.g. :-
Are you having problems with a delete loop [Y/N]?
Thanks for taking the time to reply, as posted on another thread fixdisk went up to a certain point and didn’t progress even after overnight,so that prompted me just to remove the drive and reformat in my pc then put it back in and fixdisk completed in around an hour or so. Luckily this all happened in the first day of ownership so nothing important on the drive