Channel reorganisation and firmware update.

Freeview are moving many of the channels around in September when I am away, Humax also have new firmware which will probably be sent over the air in September too.

1. Is there a website address that I can go to to get the new firmware hopefully before I go away or a reliable way to stop the Humax doing an auto update while I am away?

2. Is there any way to get the Humax to do a channel scan without using the Remote control so I can login while away and rescan for the channel changes, I would then reload the schedule?
It will be the release announced during the Olympics (and delayed because of them) that fixes the Internet Radio bug introduced in 1.02.28
Thanks I've set up a reminder from 4.20 to 4.40 and hope that will stop the update.

The next thing I now need is to be able to reload the schedule if it becomes empty.
The following would be useful:-
1. An option in webif setup to allow the Web server port to be changed from port 80 to a variable port number, ie 22080 which would then be forwarded through my router. This would help stop someone scanning for port 80.
2. A program that monitors the schedule and reloads it from the last full backup if it is empty or just has the normal Humax entries. If the Humax does an automatic rescan the schedule would be cleared and then automatically reloaded.
The issue of changing the port has been addressed before, I'll have to find it.

The idea of an auto-reload after forced retune has occurred to me, it would act as a damage limitation unless you actually need a manual retune to eliminate multiple transmitters. How would it tell you haven't actually cleared out the schedule deliberately? Any comments af123?