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Channels 101 and 102 disappeared from EPG

I have my EPG set to display all channels. For some reason 101 and 102 are not listed in the Web IF any more (they were before). I've tried rebooting but it didn't help. They show up on the Humax's onscreen guide, so it's not a tuning problem.
Any idea how I can restore these channels?
I'm running firmware 3.13, web IF v1.4.4-1


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I found one of the 10x channels missing like this the other day (not sure but probably BBC2 or 4). It did come back eventually.
I've noticed the BBC HD channels sometimes take forever to populate the EPG fully these days, so I assumed it's to do with that. (Eg, if the grid for a channel is empty at a certain point in time where the webif looks it assumes it's not there ... or something.)
I don't use the webif EPG a lot so I haven't noticed it since.

Ian Manning

Thanks for your reply. I've since removed the tunefix and tunefix update plugins, and the channels are now back. I can't remember why I needed these plug-ins, so hopefully I won't miss them!


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I've since removed the tunefix and tunefix update plugins, and the channels are now back.
If the channels are on the Humax guide then it's nothing to do with either of those packages you mention. The WebIf losing channels is a common fault, and is because of bugs in the Humax software leaving out data in the EPG 'database' it writes to disk. This is read to generate the WebIf's view, so if the data ain't there, it can't be read or displayed.
The only proper cure is a reboot. There is a short delay (a few minutes) after doing so before the WebIf is brought up to date - it is not instant.

Black Hole

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I can't remember why I needed these plug-ins, so hopefully I won't miss them!

Retunes can be complex, particularly if in an area served by multiple transmitters (see Things Every... click, section 2). Even if in a single transmitter area, there are usually a large number of services that you are not interested in to be deleted (if you leave them, they clutter the EPG and services list unnecessarily). tunefix is configurable with a page accessed via Settings, and once set up to your liking will automatically remove transmitters and services following a retune (requires a reboot after the retune).​


Bypasses the need to retune the HD-FOX/HDR-FOX by making appropriate modifications to the tuning data when required (instead of starting from scratch like a retune). This avoids the annoyances of retunes. To be effective, tunefix-update needs to be at its current revision at all times, and (from version 1.0.35) can do this independent of the auto-update package. Use in combination with disable-dso for best benefit.​


I've got in a bit of a pickle with this.
I had the renumber package nicely 'swapping' HD and SD variants of channels,
and I used Schedule>backup and restore to get over the loss of schedule during manual retunes.

I'd installed tunefix and tunefix-update I guess without really understanding the implications, I see that renumber is obsolete and I've also removed it.

Of course since we've had channels temporarily renamed for the Christmas period, I decided today to manually retune, and finally organise some of the channels that had gotten misnumbered by apparently conflicts with renumber/schedule (and fave channels) backup/tunefix.

However, I seem to have 'lost' BBC2SD and Channel4SD. That may not seem a great loss but there are now EPG gaps at 102 and 104.
The problem is, I can't seem to get them back, I removed tunefix and tunefix-update and retuned, I've now even printed out my schedule so I can delete that before activating tunefix-update, it seems these channels' removal is somehow linked to that.

Has anyone else experienced similar, or know what's going on?

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tunefix-update tracks tuning changes, it does not alter your tuned constellation. tunefix replaces renumber and channeldel.
  1. Uninstall tunefix and tunfix-update, and remove the tunefix.conf file;

  2. Run a full auto-retune;

  3. Install tunefix;

  4. Use the tunefix settings GUI to delete and renumber services according to your requirements (or you may find it easier to create the tunefix.conf file from scratch in an editor - see https://hummy.tv/forum/posts/97069);

  5. Reboot;

  6. Install tunefix-update.


Thanks BH
I'd already gone ahead and done a factory reset (after removing most of the channel tweaks from tunefix settings), followed by manual tune; that did get me the complete channel list, then input my own tunefix tweaks which is working ATM.
However, something kept restoring scheduled events including several expired series that I had deleted via webif>schedule.
Not a major problem though.

It does show how robust the custom firmware and addons are, that I think I haven't had to visit the forum for several years.


I kinda hoped with all the reboots and a factory defaults, the expired/deleted events would have stayed so ;) I was prepared to restore the remaining ones manually.