Chapters in Mp4 files?


Hi all,

Can anybody help me with chapters in Mp4 files, or any file type of that matter that will work on my HDR.

I'm looking to get my Music DVD's onto the box and would like to keep either the DVD menu system or just to create chapters in the combined running of the DVD for easier access to individual tracks.

I'm stuck an would love any help. Any ideas on software would be good also, I'm currently on Windows 7 and have had a go with Handbrake but my knowledge is sketchy and my end result has just been a 1:30hrs video file?

Cheers all,

Oh no, what would be my options then? Does the HDR support playlists in videos if I rip them all individually?

Or what about twonky media server, would that give me DVD like playback off a NAS or PC?