Chase play behaviour seems to have changed


We quite often watch programmes in chase play, ie by locating the recording in the Media list and selecting "play from start". One advantage of this is that we can skip the ad breaks on commercial channels. Depending on how far behind live we start watching, we often end up catching up with the live programme. Now, I am sure that in the past when this happened you would just get a pop-up window saying something along the lines of "you have caught up with the live programme", and the programme would just trog along happily. No problem there.

Recently, however, that behaviour seems to have changed. Instead of a pop-up, the recording stops playing and drops you back at the media list. This is extremely boring, because you then have to start playing the recording again from the start and either skip or fast forward to the point where it dropped out. Worse, if you over-run the end of the recording by even a second then the recording drops back to the media list again.

I am damn sure it didn't used to do this! Has anyone else seen behaviour like this? Does anyone know how to stop it doing it? I really don't want to have to do factory reset if I can avoid it...
That happened to me yesterday, and when I went back to the media list the program had the broken symbol on it and I got a popup saying that it hadn't recorded properly due to signal loss. Played fine though!

Like you, I don't think this is what usually happens.
Hmm, haven't seen the broken recording icon when this happens. It was recording two programmes at the same time, and we were chase playing the first one to have started recording. The second one being recorded had followed immediately after an earlier programme's recording had finished, so it was pretty "busy". Still don't recall having seen it happen before, though.

The Apprentice on BBC One HD 21:00-22:00
Desperate Housewives on Channel 4 HD 22:00-23:05
The Apprentice - You're Fired on BBC HD 22:00-22:30
All recordings set from the EPG as series records. Padding applied - 2 minutes before, 5 minutes after - so no accurate recording.