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Black Hole

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Here in Newport we have a shop called Discount UK - it's rather like What!, B&M, QD etc.

Recently purchased:
  • 5m Ethernet patch lead 99p
  • 1m HDMI lead £1
  • 2m flexible cable wrap (with insertion tool) 99p
  • 10m UHF co-ax (not the thin stuff) with 2x metal plugs, surface socket, splitter, F-F adapter, cable clips £3.99
All these were used in tidying up the installation in my den and are satisfactory. I cut the Ethernet cable down and crimped new plugs on it so I now have two shorter patch leads. The cable wrap is adequate to ensleeve a co-ax, a Cat5, and three 2-core mains leads, although I have used cable ties around the whole lot at the ends and where cables break out to make sure it doesn't unravel.