Clock change - just curious


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Just noticed that according to te logs my hummy woke up at 4am last Sunday not 5am that I have it set to

Not sure how it gets it's time or how it knows when to wake?

4am would actually have been 5am if the clocks had not gone back but can't get my head around if it woke at the right time but the time in the logs was wrong or if it actually woke at the wrong time and if so why.

Clock is correct at the moment (matches real ime

Just curious


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Makes sense

Does not quite explain it as its set to wake up for 15mins and the logs show events during that 15mins at times starting 04:xx so it did not set the clock on wake up.

Guess the time sync only occours every so often but not on wake up.

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Thanks xyz123 curiosity satisfied

Our alarm went off at 6am. It is a small TV in the bedroom. It thought it was 7am, came on, set its clock to 6am and then stayed on. If it had been more considerate it could have peeked at the time at 4am and not woken us so early on a Sunday morning. I guess next spring it will wake us at 8am instead of 7am!