Clone Configuration

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As regular readers will know, I have the problem of maintaining the CF on a remote HDR-FOX in a non-Internet household. I have toyed with getting temporary Internet to the box via my 3G personal hotspot (not yet pursued to conclusion, but still on the cards as a technical exercise), and even contemplated a swap-out (transferring existing recordings and schedule to the swap-in unit), but really what's wanted is a mechanism which minimises the access required and down-time on the target unit.

I am now considering whether I can copy /mod as a whole to a UPD from a donor unit, and then delete /mod on the target and replace it with the /mod from the UPD, thereby cloning the donor unit's configuration. Let's assume the CF itself is at the same issue.

If this is indeed possible, how about providing tools in the WebIF toolkit to do it without needing the Telnet command line?

Chicken and egg: the target unit's WebIF would need updating before it could use the WebIF to update from a clone... Maybe a pseudo-firmware download could make the clone self-extracting?