Compiling git


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Has anyone successfully compiled git on the Humax HDR-FOX T2 ?

I'm busy trying to make improvments and additions to the custom portal and having to scp files across every 5 minutes is a bit of a pain.

So far (for git)
# works
# seems to hang when interacting with perl which it expects to find in /usr/bin
# when its actually in /mod/bin which i changed in the makefile, but seems to halt
# the tv now when making
any ideas? and possibly if/when we/i get it working whats the process for adding packages to the packagelist available from the webif interface?

Git is a b***er to compile, in particular to cross compile.

I've given it a go - try the package that's in the repository now (opkg update && opkg install git). I don't use git (SVN user) so have only done some cursory tests, but it seems to function.

The process is to email the package to for review and publication.