Conflict Resolution

I can't remember if this has been discussed before, for standard software - I'm still on v28, but I have a query about conflict resolution.

Last Sunday I wanted to record, unattended, 3 series programmes covering the period 2100-2300. The box correctly identified a conflict and offered an alternative for "The Story of the Jews" on the Monday, which I accepted. All 3 programmes recorded correctly.

Today, (Sunday 8th) I checked the schedule and found that the 3 programmes were scheduled to record at their conflict times. To avoid a failed recording I cancelled the Sunday-scheduled "The Story of the Jews" and re-scheduled the series recording to Monday. I suspect I will have to do this again until one of the series finishes.

Is this expected behaviour?

Or am I worrying too much and the box would have sorted it out?

It is a failing of the 'FOX that it only warns of conflicts at the time you create the schedule. I am not sure whether it would have resolved the problem by automatically rescheduling (I don't think so), but one of the functions of the RS service is to detect and warn (by email) of upcoming conflicts.
Thanks BH.

It seems strange that the box does not stick to the specified series CRID once specified. But, then again, any conflict resolution software is fraught with difficulty - too many IF THEN ELSE / CASE clauses in the right order. :)

I note your comment about the RS service but the customised software is not for me though I can see its attractions to others.

It seems strange that the box does not stick to the specified series CRID once specified.
It should do. Could the two episodes have had the same series ID? If you set a series recording on an episode which isn't the first in the EPG then it will move back to the first one after a while (when it does its scheduling housekeeping).

I can't speak about last week's programmes but the series CRID for this Sunday series is LX1FR3 and that for Monday's is LX1FR5.

I will know more on Tuesday after Monday's recording.

Well, the box recorded ok last night and has set a timer for next Monday's episode.

This time I set the series directly for Mondays rather than allowing the box to offer the alternative through conflict resolution because I knew there was a repeat series.

I will have to investigate further on return from holiday.

Results of experiment last Sunday.

Set up to record 2 programmes (including the sacrosanct Downton Abbey) and then tried to set up "The Story of the Jews". The HDR identified a conflict and offered the alternative repeat series on Monday Night which was accepted. (But see Funnies below.)

All programmes recorded ok but the next scheduled "The Story of the Jews" episode is on Sunday. Thus 3 programmes are, currently, simultaneously scheduled; a clash waiting to happen. [Avoiding action taken.]

However, when I previously scheduled the alternative series without going through the HDR conflict resolution process, the programmes were set to the correct same day - no attempt by the HDR to work back to the Sunday evening episode.

[My Tvonics works in opposite manner - its conflict resolution software guarantees the same series but woe betide you if you schedule it yourself.]


I was only offered an alternative programme when I mixed the programmes (BBC1, BBC2 and C4) across the SD and HD MUXes. When I made them all SD or all HD I was asked to choose 2 from the 3 I had selected. Don't know if I went far enough with this option. But it would force you to look for alternative recordings and programme them yourself and that will work.

I used "The Story of the Jews" as the last programme to be added. Initially I was given "Downton Abbey" alternative recording(s) but after many attempts the alternative "The Story of the Jews" was offered.


If the HDR offers you an alternative programme series note it down and schedule it yourself.